60th Annual Conference of AMI
International Symposium on
Microbial Technologies in Sustainable Development of Energy, Environment, Agriculture and Health (November 15-18, 2019)


By Air

Central University of Haryana (CUH) is 137 kilometers away from Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport and also from domestic airport (Palam). IGI airport is connected with more than 141 destinations out of which 73 are international destinations. It is well connected with Delhi Metro as well. For reaching CUH from this airport, delegates will have to follow road or rail route.

By Rail

The delegates who want to take rail route from IGI airport are suggested to hire taxi (Black & Yellow taxis, Ola, Uber) from airport to Delhi Cantonment railway station as it is the most convenient route. There are several trains running between Delhi cantonment railway station and Mahendergarh. The delegates who are reaching Delhi by rail may catch train to Mahendergarh from Sarai Rohilla railway station, Delhi. Rewari is next nearest Railway Junction from where frequent buses/trains are available for Mahendergarh

Trains from Delhi [DEE] to Mahendergarh [MHRG]
Train Name Train Number Sarai Rohilla (DEE) Delhi Cantonment (DEC) Rewari (RE) Mahendergarh (MHRG)
DEE SIKAR EXP (Wed, Fri) 14812 06.50 AM 07.08 AM 08.35 AM 09.15 AM
Salasar Superfast 22421 07.05 AM 07.24 AM 08.55 AM 09.30 AM
Bikaner Intercity 22472 08.40 AM 08.59 AM 10.25 AM 11.00 AM
Sgnr Tkj Passenger 54768 06.00 PM (New Delhi) 06.48 PM 09.00 PM 10.01 PM
Sainik Express (TUE THU SAT) 14021 10.25 PM 10.40 PM 12.05 AM 12.58 AM
Delhi Jodhpur Superfast 22482 11.15 PM 11.32 PM 12.48 AM 01.22 AM
Delhi Bikaner Superfast Express 22457 11.35 PM 11.54 PM 01.08 AM 01.44 AM
Trains from Mahendergarh [MHRG] to Delhi [DEE]
Train Name Train Number Mahendergarh (MHRG) Rewari (RE) Delhi Cantonment (DEC) Sarai Rohilla (DEE)
Sainik Express (Tue, Thu, Sat) 14022 02.10 AM 04.00 AM 05.08 AM 05.40 AM
Delhi Jodhpur Superfast 22481 02.30 AM 03.47 AM 04.51 AM 05.20 AM
Delhi Bikaner Superfast Express 22458 03.29 AM 04.27 AM 05.49 AM 06.10 AM
Sgnr Tkj Passenger 54767 04.33 AM 05.55 AM 07.54 AM 08.50 AM (New Delhi)
DEE Intercity 22471 02.25 PM 03.50 PM 04.49 PM 05.25 PM
SIKR DEE EXPRESS (Wed, Fri) 14811 05.54 PM 07.00 PM 08.12 PM 08.45 PM
Salasar Super fast 22422 07.10 PM 08.30 PM 09.40 PM 10.10 PM
Trains from Delhi [DEE] to Narnaul (Nll)
Train Name Train Number Sarai Rohilla (DEE) Delhi Cantonment (DEC) Rewari (RE) Narnaul(Nll)
Chandigarh- Mumbai weekly exp 22452

- 10.07 AM

11.35 AM 12.18 PM
Delhi Sarai Rohila-Bndra Terminus 22950 4.15 PM 4.30 PM 5.48 PM 6.29 PM
Ajmer Jan Shatabdi 12066 4.15 PM 4.30 PM 5.48 PM 6.31 PM
Chetak exp 12981 7.35 PM 7.50 PM 9.05 PM 09.50 PM
Delhi S Rohilla Ajmer Junction Superfast 09628 - 4.35 PM 5.30 PM 18.17 PM
Trains from Narnaul (Nll) to Delhi(DEE)
Train Name Train Number Sarai Rohilla (DEE) Delhi Cantonment (DEC) Rewari (RE) Narnaul(Nll)
Chetak exp 12982 02.10 AM 03.33 AM 04.34 AM 05.05 AM
Ajmer Jan Shatabdi 12065 08.49 AM 10.08 AM 11.04 AM 11.35 AM
Chandigarh- Mumbai weekly Exp 22451 09.00 AM 10.45 AM 11.49 AM -
Delhi Sarai Rohila-Bandra Terminuls 22949 10.10 AM 11.35 AM 12.36 PM 01.15 PM
Delhi S Rohilla Ajmer Junction Superfast 09627 9.20 AM 10.08AM 11.05 -
*Schedule may change, please check www.irctc.co.in



By Road
Frequent roadways buses are available from Kashmere gate ISBT and Dhaula Kuan to reach Mahendergarh Bus stand. From bus stand, autorikshaw (shared or hired) are available for CUH campus. Roadways buses going towards Charkhi-dadri or Rohtak  can also be taken. Hired autorikshaw fare is approximately 150 rupees.
While coming from Delhi or Gurugram (Distance-125 Kms.) in taxi, come through NH-08 and after crossing Dharuhera (Approx. 35 Km from Kherki Daula Toll Plaza, Gurugram), turn right for Rewari and then take the Kanina-Mahendergarh road and after reaching Mahendergarh travel 8 kms towards Charkhi Dadri to reach CUH campus . 
Approximate taxi fare from Delhi to Mahendergarh is Rs. 3000-3800/-


The weather in Mahendergarh during second half of November month is generally very pleasant with temperature of 20-25 degree Celsius.